Encounter: A Historical Novel is author Joseph W. Ulmer’s riveting saga about the best known indigenous people of the Great Plains. It skillfully sets the pieces of this human drama ready for a stunning clash of polarities.


This book is written in fiction, but draws inspiration from history. It celebrates the awe-inspiring birth of new life and of prosperity, and mourns the death and the deterioration of peace. It seeks to preserve culture of indigenous people, but brings into the fray the demands and destruction of the white people. One character boldly dashes for the future while another is being chained to the past…




Excerpt from the Book

Dark Cloud and Elk Calf knelt together, enjoying the meager warmth of the low, pale sun. They worked quickly, hoping to flesh the deer hide before sundown and certain snowfall. Many in the tribe envied these women, the wives of Antelope-Dances-in-Fire, one of the best hunters among these Southern Cheyenne. They were sure to have ample food and enough hides to make a good display, so they could always be generous. But even in this cold, mid-winter camp, the envy was good-hearted, as all knew that the two women were excellent providers in their own right and generous by inclination as well as ability because of the hunting prowess of their husband. The two young women gossiped and giggled, adding their happy sounds to the general easy feeling in the snug camp along Medicine Lodge Creek... READ MORE



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